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  • 2020-2022  Sustainable House Design - University Of Tasmania, Australia
  • 2013-2015  Advance Diploma in Building Surveying - Chisholm Institute. Australia
  • 2012-2013  Advance Diploma in Building Design & Technology - Architecture
  • 2009-2012  Diploma in Sustainability Building. Australia
  • 2004 - 2008 Pre-Master in Urbanism - University of Colombia
  • 2002 - 2004  Master in Manager and Developed of Urban and Regional Planning - Andes University - Colombia
  • 1991-1995 Diploma in 3D Modelling and GIS. University of Colombia
  • 1990 Master in Bio Climate Architecture - Catholic Bolivarian University. Colombia
  • 1984 -1988 Bachelor Degree in Architecture - University of Colombia


Drawing South Homes is operated by Sergio Uribe, an architect from Latin America with extensive experience in the design and construction of houses. With Australian qualifications, Uribe is a registered building practitioner who is available to offer you a customised architectural design for your dream house. Read more here.

Design ideas for a contemporary home design in Melbourne.


DRAWING SOUTH HOMES was born out of the desire to end the nightmare that many people experience when building a home.

We’re building and shaping a business that offers Clients:

• Fanatical customer service

• Money back guarantee

• Single point of contact, from start to finish

• Deal with home designers, not salespeople

• Fully custom designed home

• Ability to build on any block, anywhere in Australia

Our Performance is measured against these factors:

1. Ability to convert new Clients into a design and build through impeccable customer service and delivering on what we promise.

2. Translating Client’s dreams and vague ideas into tangible concepts and designs that completely satisfy the Client.

3. Constant and clear communication with stakeholders and existing Clients to ensure Clients are being moved forward with their project at all times.

4. Our ability to lead a Client from initial on-site visit to final handover and in doing so under-promise and over-deliver.

5. Our ability to get along with and effectively work with external consultants, contractors and government departments.

6. Our ability to respond to SMS, voice and emails within pre-defined time periods.

7. Our overall performance is measured by the Client who will back to us.




I have worked with Sergio on a number of projects, and have been impressed by his thorourness, attention to detail and skill in designing. He was able to provide spacial solutions that were creative and complimentary to the design and build process. I look forward to working with Sergio more in the future. Tim TRW Constructions